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Monday, July 11, 2016

Starting from the ground up

West Sumbawa..

A barren and dry, not the place you'd expect us to settle, and yet we have 
1 Ha of sandy salty and dry coastal plain surrounded by voracious goats.

It's wonderful

Though sometimes I think perhaps it would be nice to garden somewhere fertile and well watered. But then I think again, that's so dull. Anybody can do that.
I require a challenge to match my abilities !

It'd be too easy to landscape an area with nice soils and water, where I know I already know exactly what can grow. The design could be done in a few weeks, implementation only rate limited by funds,  and then I'd be looking for something new to do

But this...this is hard. I can see the learning curve sloping upwards like those peaks 

These desolate plains have sat unloved and without any care for an unknown period of time. Stripped of anything of value and then subject to abuse by overgrazing, mining and vehicles. 
A visitor said it reminded them of the badlands of Grand Theft Auto ! 
It reminds me of many a late night GTA riding round on a 4 wheel motorbike with the character Trevor in pink shorts and sporting a machine gun being chased by police. 
Well there's no police or machine guns here. But the landscape is pretty damn dire.

Lifeless. Not even a blade of grass. And yet these rills left by previous rain tell a story that gives some hope. 
There is rain, sometimes, and there is organic material, just a tiny bit. There's signals that whatever the potential of this land is, it's more than its showing. 

Please follow us as we transform this badland into a prosperous and desirable Tropical food forest 

It will not be easy however by doing so we will learn and create a model and refine methods that can be used to reclaim wasteland in many places. I do expect to fail, a lot. I would be surprised if more than 1/3 of what I plant survives, but that just means I need to increase what I'll plant by a factor of 3.

Because each success or failure both give a lesson learnt, and if absorbed and used to reconfigure strategy then success can be honed in on in a short period of time. 

So let's get started 

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